Gratitudes 2, Part 2

Gratitude, day three. I was invited to play by Vee. For five days, you list three things you are grateful for, and… you know the drill.

1) Sleeping in. I like it a lot more than waking up too early.

2) The Interwebs. Keeping in touch with people around the globe, a near-infinite amount of information accessible with a few taps on a keyboard, cat videos.

3) My family. I love them whole bunches.

3b) Definitely grateful for my grandma. She’s 96, one of the smartest ladies I know, still living in her own home and still loving life. An inspiration.

3c) Extremely grateful for my dad. Age 71, he’s survived a heart attack, two open-heart surgeries, stage 4 mantle cell lymphoma (currently in remission) and three sons. (And a partridge in a pear tree…) He brings a lot of joy to a lot of people.

Gratitude, day four. I was invited to play by Vee. For five days, you list three things you are grateful for, and anything else you do is a crap shoot.

1) My sense of humor. Some people laugh and some people groan, but if God wanted all the people to laugh all the time, He wouldn’t have created politics.

2) Caffeine. Aside from the anti-seizure meds, it’s my drug of choice.

3) Boy Scouts of America. It was a big part of my life growing up, it’s my current employer and it was my subtitle on Beauty and the Geek (“Assistant Boy Scout Master”).

Gratitude, day five. I was invited to play by Vee. For five days, you list three things you are grateful for, and then live happily ever after.

1) Time zones. I was visiting my brother in Wisconsin on Tuesday, got home late, did a couple chores around the house, then realized it was 12:15 on the 30th. But that’s Central Time: in the Mountain and Pacific time zones, it’s still the 29th.

2) Comfy shoes. I spend a lot of time on my feet at work, so being allowed to wear sneakers is awesome compared to how I’d feel wearing flat-soled shoes all day.

3) Cheetos. Because they’re Cheetos.

Gratitudes 2, Part 1

Gratitude, day one. I was invited to play by Vee. For five days, you list three things you are grateful for, and invite three more people to join.

1) Pizza. Because pizza.

2) My job at the Scout Shop. The schedule is flexible, my coworkers are fun and I like being able to pay down my credit card balance.

3) My rebellious spirit. Okay, I’m not that rebellious, but enough that I don’t feel the need to abide by rules like inviting more people to join. Mwa ha ha haaaaaa!!!

Gratitude, day two. I was invited to play by Vee. For five days, you list three things you are grateful for, and invite three more people to join. Or zero people. Or a couple dozen. It’s your call.

1) Air conditioning. It wasn’t that hot today, but hot enough to remind me of days when A/C is a godsend.

2) My right patellar tendon. My knee was feeling a bit sore and wobbly today (probably pushed it too hard on the elliptical machine yesterday), but if it weren’t for the surgery that used the middle third of said tendon to replace a torn ACL, my knee might not be functional enough to use an elliptical machine at all.

3) Lamictal and depakote. Because not having epileptic seizures is awesome.

4) Pizza. I know this was on yesterday’s list, but I’m including it again because pizza.

Gratitudes, Take 2

This is a challenge that’s gone through Facebook a couple times. The version I’ve read on my news feed the last few days reads like this: “I have been challenged by ___________ to a gratitude challenge: to post three things I am grateful for for five days, and challenge three friends a day for the challenge.”

Given that I’ve written gratitudes in the past (see: previous blog entries in this category), I took on the challenge when someone tagged me back in July and started posting three things for five days. And then I kept posting more. And more. And more.

I eventually wrapped up toward the end of August, but the one thing that occasionally nagged at me was that I was writing them there, but even with my Gratitudes category here on my blog, I never touched it. My blog has been getting lonely enough as it is, but posting gratitude status messages on Facebook was like rubbing salt in the wound.

I haven’t decided how to proceed, really. It’ll be a bunch of copying and pasting, but will I do one a day? Two a day? Randomly dump five into a single blog post every week and a half or so? I don’t know, but since the ladies say they love spontaneity, maybe I won’t bother with a pattern. I guess we’ll both find out whenever they get posted.

Aside from all that, feel free to take up the challenge on your own. You can post your gratitudes online; you can write them in a journal. Whatever the case, take the time to remember the spiffy things in your life. (Here’s a blog entry from back in 2006 that might help if you need some suggestions.)

Gratitudes, Day 7

I know, I know, this is actually the eighth day since I decided to write gratitudes, but with the film project and everything this weekend, most of my plans got shot to hell. (Of course, I usually have this problem when I write a daily journal, too—something comes up, lasts for the rest of the day, I fall behind and continue to fall behind until I decide it’s not worth agonizing over the state of behind-edness and just stop entirely.)

Part of the reason I didn’t get anything written yesterday was because I slept in. A lot. Then after being awake for not very long, I drove up to our main shooting location for the film because most of the cast and crew was getting together to see the final product that we submitted that afternoon. I got a bunch of compliments. Not just because I did a good job in the movie, but also because I was fun to work with and not a prima donna. (Such was not the case with the entire cast, but I digress.)

  1. The cast and crew of “The Love, The Leather, and the L33T” — I’m not sure who came up with the title, I just know that it was a lot of fun doing a musical/western with that group.
  2. The movie’s editor — I’m usually my own worst critic, but after seeing the final result, there wasn’t much to criticize. He did a great job making everyone look good.
  3. My fire-building skills — I gave one of the cast members a copy of the Beauty and the Geek DVDs and everyone watched the first part of Episode 3 to waste some time before watching the movie. Later on, one of the guys came up, put his arm around my shoulders and said, “You’re a Boy Scout?” “Yeah…” “So you know how to make fires, right?” “Yeah…” So I ended up getting the bonfire started last night.
  4. Brownies — I brought some to the viewing and got to bring home what was left. They’re yummy.
  5. Chicken wings — Someone else brought them to the viewing and I brought some home inside my stomach. They were yummy, too.

Gratitudes, Day 6

I know I’m cheating a little by backdating this to yesterday, but I didn’t have a whole lot of time to write anything. Because of the 48-Hour Film Project, I woke up about 6:30am, was out the door at 7:15am and got home around 2:15am. No computer access during the day = no blog entry. Which isn’t to say that I’m not grateful for stuff today.

  1. The 48-Hour Film Project — I’m sure I’ll be writing a separate blog entry about it eventually, but for now, suffice it to say that I had a lot of fun.
  2. My prescription sport goggles — For my role in the movie, I wore them instead of my usual glasses.
  3. Caffeine — I’m running on about three hours of sleep over the last two days and it did a very good job keeping me awake earlier tonight. I’m tired enough that I have double vision and I’ve been doing the tired head bob, but I was okay earlier.
  4. Bonfires — Someone wanted marshmallows or smores, beer and guitars around the fire, but I was just happy to stay warm on a cool night.
  5. Wet Wipes — They’re good for removing makeup after a play or movie shoot. They won’t probably won’t get the makeup off the inside of my shirt collar, but at least my skin is clean so I won’t leave any weird streaks of color on my pillow tonight.

Gratitudes, Day 5

I waited to write this one because I went to see the knee specialist this afternoon. Something happened during a soccer game a few weeks ago—I’m not sure what it was—and I felt a burst of pain and pressure against the back of the knee that had the replaced ACL. After feeling some bad pressure on the top and bottom of my kneecap when trying to jog last Sunday, I was pretty much convinced that I was running on three functional ligaments in my right knee again. After some x-rays and a brief inspection, the doctor thinks there’s no permanent damage, just inflammation.

  1. My right anterior cruciate ligament — I spent a lot of time with the original one torn in half and then recovering from surgery, but I still don’t appreciate it very much… at least until it stopped working properly again.
  2. ACL replacement surgery — It’s not the original ligament, but I can walk and run and my knee moves in the direction it’s supposed to.
  3. Dr. Randy Lewis — The doctor who performed my ACL replacement surgery and doesn’t think I need a second surgery. (The x-rays look good and when he was moving my knee around, the graft still feels solid.)
  4. Soccer — It’s my favorite sport to play and I’ll be back on the field soon.
  5. National Sex Day — If it’s not an official holiday, it should be. Even if you don’t get to actively celebrate.