Day 10:

I like going back to the website once in a while to see what’s been added to the wall recently. Some are pictures with first names (I had forgotten until I saw her picture there that my cousin has epilepsy); some are comments about how brave they think people with epilepsy are, how it doesn’t limit their lifestyles… some comments aren’t as pleasant.

When I first looked at the page on November 1st, I thought, “Why would you put something on here that’s not uplifting? This is supposed to be a positive, unifying website that shows how strong we are, how epilepsy doesn’t keep us down!” Then I remembered that those negative stories come from people who have epilepsy, too. Sometimes it does limit their lifestyles. A lot. And we shouldn’t disregard or ignore them, especially during Epilepsy Awareness Month. In a lot of cases, there’s nothing that can be done. They’ve tried different kinds of medications, surgeries and treatments, but nothing works. It’s part of who they are and it sucks.

I can only relate a little bit—“I am one”—and I wish I could make things better. I wish all of them could be better. (If someone who’s not doing well is reading this, I wish you could be better, too.) If it helps at all, I can promise you’re not being disregarded by at least one person out here. Take care, everyone.

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