Day 30: Giving thanks

Well, I started the month like a lion and I’m ending the month like a much smaller lion.


We’re not far past Thanksgiving, so for this last day of Epilepsy Awareness Month, I thought I’d focus on giving thanks. Focusing on the bad parts of having epilepsy pulls my attention away from all of the blessings I have in my life and there are a bunch. I’m thankful for…

… My friends and family. I have an amazing support system that is willing to help me out as much as they can. If I have to leave a gathering early because I don’t have my medications, they understand. If I lose my driver’s license due to seizures, there are people who can drive me where I need to be.

… My driver’s license. There are plenty of “one in 26” people who have uncontrolled seizures. If you have an involuntary loss of consciousness, your license gets suspended for a couple months (and the time restarts after each seizure, so you may not be able to drive for a loooooong time). The length of the suspension was six months when it was happening to me, which sucks when you’re in your mid-20’s.

… Epilepsy treatments (medication, surgery, etc). They don’t always work, but if they didn’t exist at all, I’d be one of many with uncontrolled seizures (both in frequency and severity).

… My blog. Sometimes it feels like I’m shouting into the void when writing in here, but if one person reads one post and feels better afterward, it’s been worth it.

… Electricity. My computer would look exceptionally weird sitting on my lap and not doing anything.

… Sunsets. A few days ago, the sun reached a certain point on the horizon and there were fluffy clouds in the sky, so it was lit up in pink and purple and all sorts of colors. At that point, nothing else mattered on this list. I wasn’t using electricity for my laptop, I wasn’t worried about epilepsy and seizures, I was just watching something beautiful.

Yes, I have epilepsy. Yes, it affects me in ways both good and bad. It has not stopped my life. It has not stopped beauty. It has not stopped my ability to be thankful for everything around me.

So thanks to you, fair reader(s). I hope you’ve had a good Epilepsy Awareness Month, but whether you’ve learned anything or not, I hope you remember to be thankful.

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