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I don’t want to say this page is outdated because none of the old info has changed: still named Shawn, still an Assistant Scoutmaster, still a Geek and still haven’t been caught after stealing someone’s purse.

However, that doesn’t provide a lot of background information. Given that it’s supposed to be the topic of discussion here, it leaves a lot to be desired. It’s incomplete. It’s insufficient. It’s lame. (Sometimes the truth hurts…)

So I decided I should add some more relevant material in here so readers might actually learn some things “About Me”. However, given my packrat tendencies, I kept the original stuff down at the bottom. It’s a curse: no matter how shitty the old stuff is, it’s hard for me to just get rid of it. Thankfully, it’s not too shitty, so feel free to read that, too.

Tall (6’4”), blue eyes, brown hair with blond highlights, great smile, loud voice, ruggedly handsome, occasional stretcher of the truth.

Activities: Watching sports, playing soccer, hanging out with friends (yes, I have friends), reading, writing/blogging, singing in the shower, hoarding and occasionally stretching the truth. I’ve done some acting in theater and film, but I swear, I’m not going to be an actor when I grow up.

TV: Beauty and the Geek (duh…), Whose Line Is It Anyway?, House, The Mentalist, The Daily Show, various sports, Saturday Night Live back in the 80s and 90s when it was still funny.

Music: Barenaked Ladies, Evanescence, Blue Man Group, Da Vinci’s Notebook, Nickelback, Sarah McLachlan, Stephen Lynch, Filter, Natalie Imbruglia, Rodrigo y Gabriela, Seether, Enigma, R.E.M., Weird Al Yankovic, etc. (This laptop has 9.5Gb of mp3 files on it—I have another computer with a lot more.)

Authors: Stephen King, Christopher Moore, Andrew Pessin, J.K. Rowling, Robert Asprin, the Dalai Lama, Dave Barry, Douglas Adams, William Shakespeare.

Comedians: Lewis Black, Gabriel Iglesias, Louis CK, George Carlin, Ralphie May, Jeff Dunham (Triumph the Insult Comic Dog and Foamy the Squirrel may be fictional characters, but I think they’re funny, too).

Funny, easygoing, extreme type-B personality. (If you find a way to piss me off, beware the consequences—the teenage girls who would have defended me in the past are now in their 20s and they’ll destroy you.)

I drink pop and Gatorade, but no alcohol. I’ve never felt a need or desire to do so, which makes me a much cheaper date who’s much less likely to throw up all over you.

Former comic book and World of Warcraft addict. (You can still see the cut marks on my fingertips from doling out so much money for so long.)

According to some, current addict to school. (As evidence, they point out the associate’s degree, two bachelor’s degrees and a law degree that all decorate my wall. And I’m currently enrolled in Augsburg’s MBA program, too.)

Shawn. Assistant Scoutmaster. Geek. “Hey, you!” I’ve been called all of these at one time or another and they all seem to fit.

There’s the whole “name on my birth certificate” thing, working with the Boy Scouts and the first half of a sentence that ends with “Drop my purse!” The other one? Yes, I was a cast member on Season 1 of Beauty and the Geek.

When my partner Scarlet and I left the mansion (2nd place losers!), I quickly escaped and returned to Minnesota. (Visiting L.A. isn’t a big deal, but living there… too hectic for someone as low-key as myself.) But I could only stay escaped for so long. When a TV show plays on the WB, the CW, MTV, VH1 and Fox Reality Channel, you’re bound to get recognized eventually.

A few thoughts about life:

Go ahead and ask me for an autograph, a picture or questions about the show. It’s a couple minutes out of my day, but you’ll get to brag about it for months.

It’s best not to take life too seriously. If you do, life will eventually smack you upside the head and it’ll be much harder to laugh about it afterwards.

Take some time once in a while to sit back and watch the clouds. Man was not meant to spend its entire life hunched over in a cubicle and staring at a computer monitor. 90% of it, maybe, but not all.

Laugh long, laugh loud, laugh hard. Laugh until your cheeks hurt and tears are streaming out of your eyes. Laugh as if your life depends on it. Your sanity certainly does.

People say you should plan for the future. I say that as time moves forward, I move forward and… well, I’ll get to wherever I’m going eventually.

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  1. i want to marry you!! seriously your such a nice person and i could listen to you talk all day 🙂 your gorgeous too, especially with them cute glasses 😉 hehe get back in touch xxx

  2. Hi my name is Ayleen Campos. I along with my psychology classmates have just watched the first season of Beauty and the Geek in which you were a contestant in. We were just given an assignment after watching the show, where one of the options was to interview a former contestant. You were one of our favorite people on the show, so we were wondering if you’d be interested to be a part of a short interview. It would be around 10 questions, you do not have to get that personal with answers, and our teacher would be the only one seeing it. We would prefer if we could have the interview be done via Skype or FaceTime. However, if you are more comfortable with an alternative way of conducting it, that’s also fine. I understand that this might be strange and tedious on being asked to do an interview stemming from a show you did 10 years ago, but we would grately appreciate it if you agreed. Unfortunately our project is due this Friday, so we’d have to do the interview within the next few days. Thank so much and I look forward to hearing from you

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