Technology Gone Berserk

You’ll have to blame Radio Shack for this entry. See, I occasionally have illusions of grandiosity—while my activities have been limited to appearing in cable access shows up to this point, my brain sometimes roams to various themes of jokes that I could use in a comedy club. When I read this particular Radio Shack ad, it had a bunch of cell phones on the last two pages.

At that point, I was thinking about how if I ever got one, it’d be the flip-open kind just because it’s easier to cover up your mouth when you’re talking smack about someone sitting next to you at the dinner table. Then I started looking at their little screens and saw some text messages, a little bowling alley… that’s when this all started building in my head. It took a little extra effort to convert a standup act into something for TV (that isn’t Last Comic Standing), but I think it paid off. Or maybe the script is crap and it has illusions of grandiosity of its own. Continue reading “Technology Gone Berserk”

Making a Difference

There are times when I wonder whether my existence matters and how well the world would go on without me. There have been so many writers, scientists, philosophers, inventors, global leaders—people who have had a huge effect on the world around them, people who have changed the face of everything as we know it. Then I think about myself and how small I seem in the shadow of their monumental deeds. Continue reading “Making a Difference”