Does the rule apply to blogs, too?

Last week, I went to Caribou Coffee with Marie and Michael “Porter” Porter. No one I know calls him Michael, just “Porter”. In my phone’s contact list, he’s listed as “Porter Porter”. But I digress. We got our orders (White chocolate hot cocoa rules!), sat down at a table and then Marie turned and saw the chalkboard. In big letters in the middle of the board, it presents customers an opportunity to share some random worldly knowledge:

Caribou Coffee's chalkboard

There were some interesting factoids written on there, though we’re still not sure how “50% of federal gvt debt being paid down with more debt” works. Paying for debt with more debt isn’t paying down anything, it’s just moving debt from one source to another. And adding some extra debt from the new source along the way. But I digress again.