Get a room to bowl, you two!

I went bowling with a group of friends this weekend and they had a deal: $11.99 for three games and shoe rental. Actually, getting to the bowling alley is a story in itself. I’d driven there twice before (once from home and once from another bowling alley that was packed) and I was starting from my friend’s house this time, so I’ve driven there from three different starting locations. Consequently, I had no idea where I was going.

That wouldn’t have been a big deal if my friend realized I was following him to get there, but he didn’t and thus didn’t think twice about ditching me at a stoplight. I pulled onto the highway all alone and thus completely missed an exit onto an interstate, which would have taken me there a lot sooner. By missing that exit, I ended up on a highway where there was nowhere to turn around for close to five miles. Seriously. Nowhere to turn around. And if I hadn’t had the bowling alley’s address in my phone’s GPS, I would’ve had to go home.

So there I was, driving and driving and driving, noting that every time my phone told me to take a U-turn, it was one of those police car turnarounds that probably shouldn’t exist on a GPS system. I was torn between being ticked off and pissy when I got to the bowling alley and knowing that my detour wasn’t a big deal and I’d get there eventually anyway. I ended up choosing the latter, although it didn’t help that when I was finally about three minutes away, I got a text from my friend asking, “Are you coming?”

The reason that the big ol’ detour is worth mentioning is that because everyone else paid as soon as they got to the bowling alley. I didn’t. I just got my shoes and started bowling with everyone else. I thought I was supposed to pay when I left, but since the guy at the counter didn’t say anything, I figured someone was generous enough to pay for the group. I sent a message to my friend after I got home asking about that last option, but nope! I ended up bowling three games for free! So my unfortunate detour ended up being very anti-expensive.

So to jump way back to the beginning, the deal was three games plus shoes. I’m assuming that the bowling alley also has a “bowl by the hour” option because of what happened in the lane next to ours. (Well, technically, we had two lanes, so I was only forced to watch the event, not have it happen directly behind me.)

I’m surprised my spider-sense didn’t start buzzing as soon as I saw them slow-dancing to music in the background and looking directly into each other’s eyes. You’d think that would be difficult since he was about eight inches taller than her. Well, it’s a lot less difficult when he’s got her ass cupped in his hands and she’s got her legs wrapped around his waist.

Thankfully, it wasn’t a constant make-out session. During the hour or so that they spent in the lane next to ours, they finished an entire 4 1/2 frames. I just… ew. That’s all I have to say. Ew.

Actually, no, I would like to say something else. We played a round of gold for our third game—put up the bumpers and try to get as low a score as possible. Last time, I got my ass kicked when I cleared 150. This time, I won with the low score of 66. And if the couple in the lane next to ours had been there, I still would have won because they were scoring more than me, too.